Monday, February 23, 2009

Very, Very Cool!

"I'm going through all the drawers," my husband announced yesterday afternoon.

Alarm bells in my head. Is there anything there I'd rather he not see? Well, yes, there's that half bag of cat-food in the bottom drawer of one bureau. Anything else? Well, yeah, basically everything else.

"What for?" I asked.

"To find our passports."

I sighed, guilt sweeping over me. Both of our passports had been missing for -- well, how long is the question. They and the two sets of keys to our apartment in Greece. I had put them on the very special shelf I use to collect things I want to take to Greece next trip; I had taken pride in keeping them safely in my custody these past three or four years. But now I couldn't find them anywhere. And replacing them -- what a headache, and no small expanse, either.

"They're just not here," I told him. "I've searched every shelf, every drawer, ten times over."

"Well, I haven't."

I sighed and said, "Okay, if that's how you really want to spend your Sunday afternoon." And then I sat back and waited. I knew what was coming. Something to the effect of, "It's no wonder you can't find things..." Some of the drawers are very neat, but others, well, um, no.

Then I thought, "He doesn't know about the shelf where I keep all the stuff for Greece. He won't look there. I'll do it." Not that I hadn't looked before, but at least I wouldn't be sitting around letting him do all the work. Anyway, it was time to check out what was there, be sure I really wanted to take it all, see what else should be added.

As predicted, Demetrios never did find the passports or the keys. However, in addition to the half-gone bag of cat kibble, he did find his good pair of glasses and a box of checkbooks for my account, which I very much needed.

The keys? The passports? I found those. They were right where they belonged, on that shelf full of stuff to take to Greece. But they are small things, and they were under larger things, and ... well, they're found, at long last. Hooray! I even found a third set of keys I'd long forgotten we had. And my drawers are, well, somewhat tidier.


Emily H. said...

Hooray! It's so nice when you find something that's been missing for a long time.

It sounds like we keep the same kind of drawers, btw! ;D

Elizabeth said...

My bureau drawers are all in disarray - well done for sorting yours !

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Emily, not you, too! NO! This is too disillusioning! :-)

Elizabeth, to say we had sorted our drawers would be, er. overstatement. They are slightly improved.