Saturday, February 6, 2010

More Snow

This is the most snow we've gotten in the Richmond area since 1996, a year I remember well because that is when Madison was born.

We still had about 5 inches on the ground yesterday morning when this latest storm began. The stuff is still coming down. We've gotten about 5 new inches so far. I have the feeling we'll miss church tomorrow for the second Sunday in a row, due to weather.

Schools have been closed all this week.

Demetrios is doing some dictation for the book he's working on. I've been knitting.

I went to the yarn shop earlier in the week and bought the stuff to use on my new lace project. I'm working on a swatch, which I'll show you later. I'm going to force myself, though, to finish the current project before starting the new. Current project is a cranberry colored blanket identical to the one I knitted for Ero (photo here), but much larger, king-sized. It still lacks nearly a foot in length, and still needs the edging added.

They're calling this a blizzard up in the D.C. area. Mom is ensconced in her retirement community and not cut off from any of her regular activities or her friends, most of whom live there, too. The place is laid out like a college campus, with "dormitories," and you can get to every building from any other building without going outside. So she can still play bridge, do her Wii bowling and her volunteer work, and get to the medical clinic (if the doctors can get there!) and convenience store and library and dining rooms and everything. Enviable, huh?

The Catholic Archdiocese there, according to our local news, "is urging Catholics to watch Mass on TV tomorrow and not risk coming out in this weather." Watch on TV? Well, I've never been Catholic, so what do I know? Maybe it is the same thing, or close enough. If you don't count receiving Holy Communion.


DebD said...

I wish got 10" of snow. My son measured earlier today before it stopped at we had 27" here.

I don't know if we'll make it to church tomorrow. Depends on if our neighborhood gets plowed before then.

Anam Cara said...

Tthis is what one NoVA Baptist church is saying (this church still had services when we had 20" in December - what a difference 4" makes)

And this is what we got in an e-mail from out priest on Friday. (He is having second thoughts about DL today):

"And the Firmament was opened, and the land became white and leprous, and the people of the land of the Virgin* cried out in travail: 'Whoa is us, for who shall deliver us from this calamity? For our stores have been emptied and looted, and our roads lie in ruin, and who shall secure for us good satellite reception?" --From the Snow-pocalypse of St. Peter, 21st century apocryphal text.

(* some syriac manuscripts use "young maiden")

Yes, that's right, another storm. It looks like Groundhog's day has brought a sense of deja-vu after all. Our weekend schedule is now as follows:

1. All Saturday activities: canceled (No Choir, No Vespers)
2. Sunday morning: Liturgy only, at 10 AM. "Liberal Leave." Make it if you can and are suffering from cabin fever, or stay home and offer a pray for your brothers and sisters who are earning the honorable title of "fools-for-Christ."

The skies are now clear. We've dug out of our 24" and I know I could get close to our church. The problem is that the neighborhood there is probably NOT dug out and I don't know that the roads will be passable to the church.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Deb, I heard on the news you got that much and some people have up to FORTY inches!!!!

Anam, the e-mail from your priest is a scream! Somehow, I didn't realize you lived in NoVa.

margaret said...

Your mom's retirement community sounds great. Perhaps now we don't have 'second childhood' but 'second adolescence' and that is much better! :)

We've had our staying home from church because of the weather period but I am home from church today because of a rugby match. The trains and the streets fill up so much for a rugby international that I won't get home in time for people coming to view my house at 3pm. So annoying.

Michelle M. said...

We have "a lot" of snow for here, which means more than an inch. That is not a lot to this native New Yorker, but it sure does make my kids happy :)